Product name: barium sulfate(BaSO4)
Properties: colorless orthorhombic crystal; shapeless white powder; specific gravity: 4.50(15℃); high dispersing property; stable chemical property; dissolved in diluted acid, diluted base, organic solvent and water; soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid
Packaging: 25kg/bag lined with plastic film bag; outer layer is plastic woven bag or multi-layer paper bag;
Notice: Solarization proofing, anti-tearing; should be preserved in dry and ventilated warehouse; moisture proofing; keep it away from colored substance
To use:
I category: Mainly used in powder coating industry; having features of narrow size distribution, thinner coating film, fine leveling property of coating and strong light refraction
II category: Mainly applied in oil paint, printing ink, pigment, rubber articles, plastic and storage battery industry; effectively strengthening of mechanical property for engineering plastic, high-end electric insulation plastic and rubber articles; excellent radioresistance