Alias: TEEPOL BLEACH; 64体育nba录像_64体育_64体育直播网 solution; SODA BLEACHING LYE; b-kliquid; carrel-dakinsolution; caswellno776; chloros; chlorous acid; 64体育nba录像_64体育_64体育直播网 disinfectant
English name: Sodium Hypochlorite;Antiformin 
CAS No.: 7681-52-9 
Molecular weight: 74.44 
Melting point: -6 
Boiling point: 102.2 
Physico-chemical property
Properties: light yellow solution with smell like chlorine
To use: As strong oxidizing agent, bleaching agent and water purifying agent in paper making, textile and light industry; having bleaching, sterilization and disinfection effect; for water purifying, bleaching of paper pulp; for manufacturing of chloramines in medical industry