Alias: disodium hexafluorosilicate; Sodium Silico Fluoride; Sodium fluorosilicate; Sodium fluosilicate; destruxolapplex; disodiumhexafluorosilicate; disodiumhexafluorosilicate(2-); disodiumsilicofluoride; ens-zemweevilbait; ent1,501; fluosilicatedesodium;
English name: sodium hexafluorosilicate
CAS #: 16893-85-9
Molecular weight: 188
Physico-chemical property
Properties: colorless hexagonal crystal; odorless and smellless; moisture absorption
To use:
As opalizer of glass and enamel, as fluxing agent, insecticide, as hygroscopic agent of cement, as solidification agent;
For wood preservative and fluoridation treatment of medicines and drink water;
Decomposition of silicate; beryllium and aluminum alloy, glaze of ceramics;
For manufacturing of opal glass
As retarder in concrete;
As freezing agent in natural rubber products;
For fluoridation treatment of pharmaceutical and drink water;
As chemical analysis reagent;