Alias: 64体育nba录像_64体育_64体育直播网 anhydrous; potassium fluoride spray dried; Anhydrous Potassium Fluoride; POTASSIUM FLUORIDE IN D2O NMR REFERENCE STANDARD; POTASSIUM FLUORIDE ON CELITE(R); 64体育nba录像_64体育_64体育直播网 solution; 64体育nba录像_64体育_64体育直播网 on alumina
English name: 64体育nba录像_64体育_64体育直播网
CAS #: 7789-23-3
Molecular weight: 58.0967
Relative density(water=1): 2.48
Melting point: 858 ℃
Physico-chemical property
Properties: colorless subic crystal
Solubility: soluble in water, hydrofluoric acid, liquid ammonia;insoluble in ethyl alcohol
To use: In glass curving, food preservative and electroplating; as fluxing agent of welding, as pesticide, as fluorinating agent, catalyst and absorption agent of organic compounds; raw material for preparation of potassium bifluoride; as analysis reagent and formation agent of complex