Alias: Fluoride ion chromatography standard solution Fluka; Sodiumfluoridemetalsbasiswhitepowder; Sodiumfluorideopticalgradewhitextl; 64体育nba录像_64体育_64体育直播网 solution; Activity standard solution for fluoride electrode (100 ppm as fluoride); Natriumfluorid
English name: Sodium chloride 
CAS #: 7647-14-5 
Molecular weight: 58.44 
Density: 2.165g/cm3 
Melting point: 801℃ 
Physico-chemical property
Properties: white crystal  
Water solubility: easily soluble in water  
To use: As raw material for manufacturing of chlorine, hydrogen, hydrochloric acid, sodium carbonate, caustic soda, chlorate, sodium chloride, pypocholoride, bleaching powder and metal sodium in organic and inorganic industry; as refrigerant in freezing system; material of organic synthesis and as agent in salting out; for thermal treatment in iron and steel industry; refined product is used as normal saline; for seasoning in food industry and in daily life