Fine fluorine chemicals

Products Name
For manufacturing of motor brush, optical glass, light-guide fibre, laser generator, fluxing agent, coating and enamel; as wood preservative and pesticide
As raw material for manufacturing of chlorine, hydrogen, hydrochloric acid, sodium carbonate, caustic soda, chlorate, sodium chloride, pypocholoride, bleaching powder and metal sodium in organic and inorganic industry; as refrigerant in freezing system; material of organic synthesis and as agent in salting out; for thermal treatment in iron and steel industry; refined product is used as normal saline; for seasoning in food industry and in daily life
In glass curving, food preservative and electroplating; as fluxing agent of welding, as pesticide, as fluorinating agent, catalyst and absorption agent of organic compounds; raw material for preparation of potassium bifluoride; as analysis reagent and formation agent of complex
As opalizer of glass and enamel, as fluxing agent, insecticide, as hygroscopic agent of cement, as solidification agent;
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